Dave Rubin

“I think on some level everybody is bigoted. The human heart is dark. And light. It’s a patchwork,” the Fox News host said.
A new, old idea is bubbling up at the nation's cocktail parties.
It's been another busy two weeks in my presidential campaign since my last dispatch. My transhumanist run for the presidency continues to grow.
The next day I had the luck to be on my way to The Venus Project run by 100-year-old futurist Jacque Fresco and his partner
The out comedian and political commentator's acclaimed show is getting a new digital home.
Whitney Mixter of "The Real L Word" sounded off on news that a lesbian character was joining the official "Star Wars" canon
At the time this story was published, an online petition calling for the cancellation of "My Husband's Not Gay" had drawn
Dave Rubin spoke at length about his engagement to longtime boyfriend, David Janet, in a recent installment of of "The Rubin
Glenn agreed, noting, "This is child abuse. [Parents] should not have the ability to do that to their children, so obviously
Meanwhile, Iadarola suggested that those states' respective stances on same-sex marriage might not be "contentious enough
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report welcomed Whitney Mixter from "The Real L Word" and YouTube atheist Jaclyn Glenn to discuss
"It blows my mind that there are still people in this country who don't see that this war has been lost by them," Moore said
For more on The Rubin Report, head here. "We have a black president," he added. "Yes, we'll have a gay president; yes, we'll
It's been Southern California's premier "gayborhood" for decades, but is West Hollywood losing its hold over the lesbian
"Rubin Report" host and comedian Dave Rubin recalled his own coming out experience, which he described as his "defining moment
Dissecting the National Cathedral dean's somewhat surprising words on "The Rubin Report" were Turner Classic Movies host
Comedian Jimmy Dore and TV personality Leeann Tweeden discussed the gay "controversy" surrounding Newark Mayor Cory Booker
"American Idol" Audition -- The Randy Rainbow Show Randy serenades the judges with his glorious, glorious voice, and leaves