davey wavey

It’s the perfect combination of men, spandex and... well, sex.
"I’m at the point in my life where this is who I am and I’m very comfortable with that."
Thousands of cyclists and volunteer "roadies" on a 545-mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles will partake in "Red Dress Day," an over-the-top and fun AIDS/LifeCycle tradition where cyclists wear a red dress, representing a red AIDS-awareness ribbon, on wheels.
"These YouTubers -- and their audiences -- have built a virtual community for celebrating who we are."
It's called imprinting: Everywhere I look among media targeted at gay men, I see the same general image.
Quick recap: In January, Gay Internet Icon Davey Wavey (That's the title he uses; who am I to judge... again?) posted a 1
"An entire language has developed from emojis -- and certainly not one that we always understand."
First times are a popular YouTube social experiment these days - lesbians touching a penis for the first time, gay men touching boobs for the first time, the list goes on. It's funny and click-baity, sure, but people are also learning more about their own sexualities and thoughts on body image.
This is an Instagram-satisfaction selfie culture, and visuals are the commodity today, not ideas.
The real issue here isn't my alleged hypocrisy or ageism. It's that the videos gay men most often share, discuss and click on aren't the ones with important messages or diverse representation. Instead, it's the videos with the shirtless, young, muscled white guys.
From one Davey to another, all the way from the other side of 35 (there's not such a distance between us; just a million miles of experience), now that you've begun to see the cruelty promulgated by young gay men against older gay men, think about what you're doing.