davey wavey

It’s the perfect combination of men, spandex and... well, sex.
"I’m at the point in my life where this is who I am and I’m very comfortable with that."
Thousands of cyclists and volunteer "roadies" on a 545-mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles will partake in "Red Dress Day," an over-the-top and fun AIDS/LifeCycle tradition where cyclists wear a red dress, representing a red AIDS-awareness ribbon, on wheels.
"These YouTubers -- and their audiences -- have built a virtual community for celebrating who we are."
It's called imprinting: Everywhere I look among media targeted at gay men, I see the same general image.
Quick recap: In January, Gay Internet Icon Davey Wavey (That's the title he uses; who am I to judge... again?) posted a 1
"An entire language has developed from emojis -- and certainly not one that we always understand."
First times are a popular YouTube social experiment these days - lesbians touching a penis for the first time, gay men touching boobs for the first time, the list goes on. It's funny and click-baity, sure, but people are also learning more about their own sexualities and thoughts on body image.