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"Is Liam Neeson running for governor of Virginia?" David Alan Grier asked on Twitter.
The "In Living Color" alum plays a kind-hearted and curmudgeonly leader of senior citizens in his newest show, "The Cool Kids."
I can only imagine what Winston Churchill would have made of Daniel Berrigan. I do find it rather poignant to recall Father Berrigan, the Jesuit priest and peace activist, who died last Saturday at 94 and whose funeral Mass is today in New York City, descending on Chartwell Booksellers, my little Winston Churchill bookshop, in April 1988 to read from his then-just-published memoir, To Dwell in Peace.
The comedian may have been counting his chickens before they hatched.
NBC had big shoes to fill for me, and their track record was dismal. Well NBC you've proven you can bring live theatre, which is what this really was, back to television in a fresh way, a way that feels contemporary yet one that connects with the hearts of the viewers. As for TV musicals this year, The Wiz wins.
While the production may have gathered ire from some, for most (and at least Black Twitter), the star-studded cast of NBC's The Wiz Live didn't disappoint.
Black Twitter's response to Jones' sketch was similarly swift and opinionated. "For us the beauty of it is, that we did what
As to how that brand of comedy would fare today, Grier noted, "The politics and the social awareness of today [are] different
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"He put the ring in his butt," Grier said. Grier's advice to other would-be grooms who want to do the same? "Don't do that
Tyler Perry's new film could be an Adam Sandler comedy. But perhaps of greater interest is the fact that this film is color-blind. In essence, the Peeples family could helm from any upper crust American family, regardless of race, though class is evident.
Comics love irony. So you might think that there would be truckloads of good jokes floating around about our environment. After all, you've got global warming, melting polar ice caps and millions of cows whose flatulence create less than desirable methane levels.