David Allen

The siblings, ranging from ages 2 to 29, were found padlocked to beds and malnourished.
If you don’t pay appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves. — David
For more information, visit www.Samata.com I spoke with Larry and here's what he had to say about teaching at Esalen: Doctor
By taking just a few moments to refrain from cramming one more thing on your device before a meeting, you could have a much more productive meeting that adds so much more value than the things you would have done on your device.
The goal of team members and colleagues is to add value, skills and expertise. Managers can and should enable and even unleash their people, but they cannot control them. I am not the boss of my team, but I am available for feedback and input.
I've been meaning to write this post all week. But you know how things are -- there is always something better to do, always
As it turns out, not going on vacation might be bad for our brains.
Human beings aren't designed to do two cognitive tasks at the same time (much less three or four). The research is clear that we're far more efficient when we do activities sequentially, rather than simultaneously.
What does it take to be productive and efficient in a world of infinitely rising demand, and endless potential distractions? Here are six behaviors that we regularly teach to our clients.
Managing time is really about managing yourself effectively in the time you have available. That is to say becoming more
You already have handy trigger lists to help with this review: One of the greatest challenges to keeping an empty head is
Your definition or standard of "stuff" is a very powerful unconscious driver of your behavior and permitted experience.
You'd just better know everything you're not doing, and be fine with that, before you're really free to be fully anywhere
- Purge old files in my general reference files while I'm listening to telephone on-hold elevator music Here are some of
There is a subtlety and rigorous mental discipline required to create that "complete and accurately defined inventory of our projects."
I often get this question/pushback as I'm teaching: "All this personal productivity methodology sounds fine and good, but what about all those interruptions that plague me during my day?"
It's been really helpful to do some consistent brainstorming that's nothing more than getting everything that has attention out in front of me.
Naming something we're involved in lessens its grip on us. If I'm feeling negative, when I realize it and call it "negativity" I instantly have greater freedom of choice about what to do with or about it.
Sleeping is one of the most productive things you can do.