David Arquette

The rock legend honored a trans icon during his performance of "American Girl."
The team hopes that individuals and organizations will take advantage of the digital release to arrange screenings in their
The taut drama becomes even more chilling with the knowledge that it is re-enacted everyday in some form in countless brothels in India and beyond -- more often than not, without the intervention that saved Lakshmi.
Bootsy Bellows has always been a celebrity favorite. With their "No paparazzi allowed" rule, it quickly became THE playground for celebrities like John Mayer, Katy Perry, and Leonardo DiCaprio.
The "Friends" co-stars posed together at the premiere of Cox's new film "Just Before I Go" on Monday in Los Angeles, sharing
As for Arquette's own love life, he's engaged to Christina McLarty. The couple recently welcomed their first child Charlie
Engagement comes in the unfolding of these richly drawn lives, and the nostalgic reviewing of our own. It all seems so real, and yet, Boyhood is scripted in its major moments, with improvisation from the actors.
David Arquette and Courteney Cox famously remained friends after their divorce, so maybe they'll throw a joint engagement
David Arquette is a proud papa once again, after his girlfriend Christina McLarty gave birth to a baby boy on Monday, April
During a HuffPost Live interview about his new film "Happy Face Killer," David Arquette got host Josh Zepps on the ground
Cox, 49, opened up to More about her post-marriage relationship with ex-husband David Arquette and proved that if any couple can handle a divorce with dignity, it's them.
Arquette and McLarty are expecting their first child, a boy, and Cox admitted that while initially nervous about the new
Cox made no mention of her rumored boyfriend, Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid, 37, but did let on that Coco's a little less
South Beach is THE place to be this week. Art Basel is in town and people from around the world are in attendance in hopes of purchasing some of the art on display.
Muffin top is the bit of blubbery overhang on a woman's mid-riff. Even it is barely noticeable, the female mind expands it exponentially to a monster truck tire. On this natural and normal belt, sadly, self-esteem dangles in despair. Is it possible to reclaim the muffin top as something positive?
David Arquette remains fertile ... TMZ has learned his girlfriend is pregnant. Read more on TMZ
In a world full of self-appointed and uncertified judges who wildly swing gavels while pointing their proverbial fingers at anyone that doesn't fit in, sentencing them to humiliation and ridicule regardless of the fact that their only crime is that of individuality.
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Not all Hollywood divorces are knock-down, drag-out fights; some are actually quite civil. And although some huge celebrity