David Attenborough

The documentarian reiterated his grief that society has destroyed large swaths of the natural world, but said humanity is “not beyond redemption.”
Environmental activists Attenborough and Greta Thunberg spoke together during a recent panel and had much in common, despite being 77 years apart.
"There should be no dominant nation on this planet," the storied broadcaster said.
Yao Ming, Shakira, Queen Rania of Jordan and Jack Ma are just a few of the big names attached to the project.
Caution: Watching Prince Louis say "amimals" may make your heart burst.
The Duchess of Cambridge revealed her answer during a video call with kids of essential workers.
The teen climate activist and the 93-year-old naturalist said they inspired one another as they met for the first time over Skype.
The comic/actor's famously coarse vocabulary gets a workout.
"Sir David Attenborough is the Beyoncé of show narration."
“The world’s people have spoken. Their message is clear: Time is running out,” the famed naturalist said at a U.N. conference in Poland.