For more, head to E! News. The real thing for some actors, like Jared Leto who plays The Joker, means sending castmates dark
On Wednesday night, the Dark Knight himself appeared on the set, riding on top of the Joker's purple car in typical Batman
We already got our first look at Jared Leto's Joker in David Ayer's upcoming "Suicide Squad." Clad with bright green hair
"Suicide Squad" is due out in theaters Aug. 5, 2016. From left to right, we've got Slipknot (Adam Beach), Captain Boomerang
Leto shaved his beard and cut his signature man bun to prepare for his role as The Joker in director David Ayer's "Suicide
Warner Bros. announced that "Suicide Squad" will follow "Batman V Superman" and is set to premiere Aug. 5, 2016. HuffPost