David Burke

Classical Music Sizzles this Season -- Read ZEALnyc's Picks for What's HOT! Don Adkins, ZEALnyc's Managing Editor writes
Todd English, Drew Nieporent, Jean Shafiroff, David Burke, EVP of American Cancer Society Kris Kim "There is no love sincerer
On a soggy evening on the last night of May under two large white tents set up on pier 26, I sat down with throngs of people at one endless table for the ambitious (RED) Supper.
Backed by the fifteen-piece modern classical orchestra, Alarm Will Sound, her voice resonated with chilling clarity.
According to Mashable, a male protester also piped up during the conference. "You all work for a company that is going to
David Burke is known for mixing things up, but this is whole new level.
Among the many pleasures of the Grease-themed benefit for the Prostate Cancer Foundation this weekend in Wainscott, was seeing
This Top Chef Masters contestant is known for surprising diners -- he certainly surprised us.
These vegan-repellers bring a whole new meaning to the term "Bloody Mary."
Initially, it made us shudder. Diet salad dressing will do that.
Get a taste of chef David Burke's everyday culinary encounters in his iPhone photos of food, from savory peanut brittle to watermelon-and-asparagus salad at David Burke Kitchen.
Ramps, like other onions, are an underground bulb with long, tall green grasslike stalks. Ramps are much smaller than leeks, more like scallions, but the leaves are flatter.
Sitting down to dessert with David Burke is quite an experience. With a boisterous personality and bellowing voice that fill the room, Burke is clearly a larger-than-life guy who knows how to have a good time.
This year or last, many journalists compiled their "Best of the Decade" stories focused on all walks of pop and everyday life. They forgot to include the recent rise of the pretzel.
Restaurant Week increasingly seems like a misnomer for a semi-annual promotion that last January was extended a full four
For more than 30 years, my friendship with Tim was rooted in a shared Irish heritage and similar education, with minimal emphasis on self-expression and more on what Tom Brokaw calls "accountability."