david burtka

The "How I Met Your Mother" star recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of his first date with husband David Burtka.
The actor and his clan channeled the "grim grinning ghosts" of Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction.
The husbands are executive producing a revival of New York's legendary drag festival.
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In this comedy about a wedding, It Shoulda Been You, the "you" is a young man, the former boyfriend of the bride-to-be, played with gusto by Josh Grisetti in his Broadway debut at the Brooks Atkinson Theater.
When I want to surprise my husband with the perfect New York date night, I like to... Take care of everything! He makes so
The "American Horror Story" creator told Entertainment Weekly earlier this month that he's been in talks with the upcoming
Through Barney, through the extra-curricular work he did while playing him for nine seasons, and through the work he's done since, NPH has made a name for himself that many formerly typecast TV stars would envy: his own.
Harris revealed that they chose Italy, not because it seems to be the hottest place to get married right now, but because
Court victories aside, the newlyweds' detractors provided a focused snapshot that the road to marriage equality is not without its speed bumps -- and its opponents not without their loud voices.
The couple wore Tom Ford tuxedos for the nuptials, which were officiated by "How I Met Your Mother" producer and director
When Neil Patrick Harris accepted his Outstanding Actor in a Musical award for playing Hedwig in the high-voltage Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, he offered a moving tribute to his fiancé David Burtka.