David Byrne

Maybe "fightin' fire with fire" was generating too many bad headlines for Byrne.
The famed Talking Heads musician is now trying to produce a Broadway musical without live music.
Chris Giarmo and Tendayi Kuumba on the "naturalistic" choreography, getting makeup advice from Spike Lee and singing with Mavis Staples.
Frances McDormand, Regina King, David Byrne and a bunch of truffle-hunting dogs were the stars of 2020's virtual event.
It's hard to think of a political candidate who's induced such a mixture of horror and comic glee as Donald Trump. In fact, his most lasting legacy may be an unprecedented mother lode of Trump-inspired art, comedy, and commentary.
It was Prince's pursuit of complete artistic freedom that will make up a significant portion of his legacy. His several notable confrontations with record companies, streaming services and social media users inspired other artists to both demand artistic freedom and earn their fair share of profits.
David Bowie made me feel so much less alone and so much happier than I ever would have been without his existing. I miss knowing he's on the planet. He was my minister of strange, my muse of alienation and made looking like an androgynous alien look classy, fun and ever so attainable.
Tiger Darrow and Andrew Orkin make music for a living, but as any working artist can attest, the old adage "do what you love" doesn't always amount to creative fulfillment (at least not in a city where the definition of "affordable art" is anything under $10,000).