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“The Sopranos” ended 10 years ago. Did Tony Soprano get whacked? Or did he survive the series finale?
Last year, Chase's interview with Vox stirred some controversy when it appeared that the creator had finally revealed Tony's
I know many people who don't even own a television anymore and likely so do you. For the first time since TV was invented, one does not need to own one to watch great programming.
For the full interview with David Chase, head to New York Daily News. It's safe to assume, however, that Chase was speaking
Co-written by future showrunners Terence Winter ("Boardwalk Empire") and Matthew Weiner ("Mad Men"), "Unidentified Black
[via Vox] The ambiguous ending to HBO hit, in which Tony, his wife and son are sitting at a restaurant table before a sudden
Brian Setzer: "I'm kind of an anomaly there, I never really fit into anybody's box. I don't know how I got those Grammys because I am certain there's not a rockabilly category. They just kind of squeezed between the cracks somehow."
You've got to love a guy whose ex-wife speaks well of him, and so, in crafting a speech to honor Charlie Rose, Gayle King
Chase took part in a panel discussion at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City this week and after a barrage of
The Beatles, with their combination of nostalgia for '50s pop rock n roll and rockabilly, love of early '60s soul and girl groups as well as classic tin pan alley "tunesmithing," provided the pre-pubescent AM radio nursery rhymes for my exact generation.