David Copperfield

Terence Clarke is writing a new novel--The Splendid City--that has Pablo Neruda as its central character. On this new reading
When you see the second of Satyajit Ray's Apu Trilogy, Aparajito (The Unvanquished, 1957), currently being revived in repertoire at Film Forum, you think first of Bergman.
Nearly a decade ago, I'd found Trent's ad seeking a summer assistant on Craigslist. The main qualifications: small stature, not afraid of small spaces, able to dance. Not many people are claustrophiles, so I had an advantage.
cathyldaly Sure, the islands are magical, but what else would you expect when they're owned by world-famous magician David
Women who are not in relationships make easy prey. They suddenly find themselves nostalgic for the time before their divorce when everyone was one big happy family. If this describes you, black magic is playing tricks on your mind. You weren't one big happy family. That's why you got a divorce.
I want to be a bad guy in my next movie. I want to be a monster. I want to be the nightmare. That's my goal. It would be a sexier goal, I suppose, if I started out as a really good guy, but I've never been hero material.
Twain tried a new recipe that's become her latest specialty -- the banana spice cake was "a total success" and "totally rocks
Magician David Copperfield had a less-than-entertaining ride to New York today. The popular illusionist, who lives in Las
I've come to admire films that have managed to take a book or short story and turn it into a first-rate screen story.