david daleiden

In 2015, anti-abortion activist David Daleiden published edited and misleading videos that seemingly showed Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of fetal tissue, an accusation that the organization has vehemently denied. He and his co-conspirator now face 15 felony charges in California related to recording confidential communications without consent.
"You have this meek guy eating cheeseburgers in someone else’s house all day producing this content to put up on YouTube."
Anti-abortion activist David Daleiden faces felony charges after producing heavily-edited undercover videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of fetal tissue.
A Planned Parenthood staffer said the decision to drop prosecution was "on a technicality."
The family planning provider is more popular today than it was before the sting videos came out.
Anti-abortion groups are attacking California Attorney General Kamala Harris for doing her job.
Sadly, the silence from Christian leaders once so outspoken about the doctored Planned Parenthood videos has become deafening. But the absence of their leadership shouldn't stop the rest of us from seeking forgiveness no matter how much we may disagree with our neighbors.
The anti-abortion activists behind the videos were indicted Monday.
"There are always going to be efforts by anti-abortion activists who try to stop groups like Planned Parenthood in their tracks."
Today's topics include: The Most Hilariously Ridiculous Fox and Friends Clip Ever; Anti-Choice Planned Parenthood Video Producers Indicted; The Irony of the Charges; The GOP Won't Stop Pretending the Videos Are Real; and much more.