David Davis

Hours after David Davis left as Brexit secretary, Boris Johnson has announced that he also cannot support the government’s brexit policy by resigning.
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson became the latest cabinet minister to resign over Brexit negotiations in 24 hours.
“I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic. I am determined," the EU's chief negotiator said.
The fellowship of these rings began earlier this month, when the charity emptied one of its trademark kettles outside Boston's
The show itself seemed to lurch around, seemingly unable to hold its focus whilst people struggled to articulate things that can't yet be articulated.
Put aside the crazy "Obama's a Muslim" idiocy -- assume John McCain had won the presidency instead. Do you really think the Senate would confirm a Muslim candidate right now, even a conservative right-wing one? I don't.
In bipartisan fairness, however, perhaps we should demand that Democratic members of Congress sit in their own part of the
I didn't plan my trip to London to overlap with President Bush's, but that's how it worked out. My reception has been decidedly less chilly than the one afforded Bush. Read More TIME Wants You to Ask Me a Question Time Magazine has asked me to take part in its 10 Questions feature. It would be fun to see how many of the questions Time picks are from HuffPosters. Read More John McCain: The Second Coming of Bob Dole If McCain continues to embrace the GOP message, he's going to meet the same fate as Bob Dole. On the bright side, I'm sure those Viagra commercials paid pretty well. Read More London Calling: the 24/7 Guardian, the BBC Empire, and Blogging with a British Accent