David Garrard

"The Miami Dolphins are a once proud sports franchise and despite your efforts to the contrary, we now find this organization
Here are some holiday gift ideas for your favorite NFL players, coaches, and owners. For Donovan McNabb -- a new team with a head coach who's more interested in winning than demonstrating his authority over his players and embarrassing them.
@VShiancoe (Visanthe Shiancoe) Brett told us this Sunday's game against the Packers is just another game for him. #dontstopbelievin
Houston was even more stunned. In three plays, the Texans (4-5) went from potentially winning a close game to dealing with
@Mark_Sanchez It's a good thing Rex Ryan doesn't get fined for his body language. #timetoeatthedonuts @Hasselbeck (Matt Hasselbeck
@AaronRodgers12 Feeling a lot of pressure to win this weekend to keep Nick Collins from spitting at our own fans. #teamplayer
Andy Reid must have an astrologer on the Eagles' payroll telling him whom to start at quarterback. Meanwhile, Kevin Kolb
@B_Twice (Bernard Berrian) @VShiancoe - please tell me that you have compromising photos of Brett Favre #nootherpossibleexplanation