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We Are Never Meeting in Real Life: Essays by Samantha Irby “Personal embarrassment provides plenty of material for in-print
Forensic art analyst Peter Paul Biro, the subject of a 2010 exposé in the New Yorker, is suing the magazine's publisher for
"What does that mean?" I asked. "I'm numb," he said. "If I saw him right now, I'd tie him up myself." He told me that Constant's
The other winners were: Other winners of the 2009 Polk Awards, announced Tuesday in New York, include David Rohde, a New
It's clear that Cameron Todd Willingham was (mis)tried by a kangaroo court, but will justice be better served by the media zoo that's ensued?
As the Willingham case demonstrates, there's a certain kind of behavioral reaction by people who work in courts -- prosecutors especially -- that defends the system over all contrary evidence.
Since it is impossible to avoid error, the only way one can support the death penalty is to suggest that we have expendable portions of society.
Aside from being a little overweight, out of shape and with a degenerative eye condition that causes him to get lost on the subway, the New Yorker writer just doesn't have that mad-hatter ego.