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Over the last six months the Brooklyn native has turned what was long expected to be a coronation into a horse race; and his remarkable grassroots fundraising has given him the firepower necessary to stay in the race past the Ides of March.
What do you truly believe? How do you define your religious and cultural identity. Who would you be if everything you thought
The former "Meet The Press" host had worked at the network for 20 years.
Comedians have to be funny. Much of the news is hardly funny. Even so, Mr. Williams successfully walked this line until news broke that seriously damaged his credibility.
The Best Idea for 2014 was requiring police to wear body cameras. This idea was so good it actually cut across the lines of the protestors and the supporters of police. Many on both sides of that divide support the idea, for what boils down to the same reason: the camera doesn't lie.
NEW YORK -– Former "Meet the Press" host David Gregory is "really looking forward" to taking part in Yahoo’s midterm election
The real reason that people call funnyman Stewart "the most trusted news source in America" is that he's an outsider. He rarely worries about offending his journalistic colleagues or angering high-level news sources who won't return his phone calls -- because he doesn't really have any.
Both the show and I have our moments, but what gets me about The Newsroom is that it's "The News" the way a guy my age remembers it, wishes it still were and thinks it still should be -- honest, accurate, compelling and dripping with integrity.
The presidential interview on Todd's inaugural broadcast comes as NBC seeks to revitalize its political commentary program
NBC News president Deborah Turness has a bunch of problems on her hands. Time will tell if that back-to-the-future approach
Ann Curry — whose exit from "Today" has drawn comparisons to David Gregory's from "Meet the Press" — found herself in a similar
CNN's Don Lemon, for example, tweeted Sunday: David Gregory was nowhere to be seen on Sunday's "Meet the Press." Indeed, those
For Todd and NBC to make something of Meet The Press, they have to ditch the SOSO attitude: Same Old, Same Old. They have to try shake things up, bringing back some old ways while integrating the new.
If there's anyone who knows how David Gregory feels right now, it's Ann Curry. Oof. “They know how bad they’ve f—ed him over
David Gregory confirmed on Thursday that his troubled tenure at "Meet The Press" has come to an end. Gregory tweeted that
Before Turness broke the official news, Gregory tweeted that he was heading out the door: NBC News president Deborah Turness
"I think we do have a right to be treated properly and not shabbily, and if you’re going to get rid of David Gregory—and