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“If this were not the arts, it would be considered a child health crisis.”
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The biennial dedicated to live performance, Performa celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. For the next three weeks, from November 1 - 22, New York performance art spaces, galleries, historical venues and public squares will host a variety of works at the intersection of live performance and visual art.
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The broadcast this Sunday is the dance world's latest foray into the high-definition arts broadcasts that have proven so successful for The Metropolitan Opera.
Is the future of American dance to be a farm system for companies overseas, and if this is the start of a trend, are we equipped to reverse it?
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I'm an avid twitterer with a large following as are many dancers I know, such as Daniil Simkin, Maria Kochetkova, David Hallberg
I'm very sad not to have been in New York during the Baryshnikov era, but I'm positive that there could never have been anyone better than Corella. It confounds me people are not flocking to the ballet.