David Horowitz

The Republican submitted his resignation in a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan on Monday.
So, ironically, I wanted to give my thanks to David Horowitz and the agents of intelligence at the Freedom Center. They were able to give Students for Justice in Palestine and BDS a huge outside endorsement; awareness was raised with the efforts the Freedom Center by reiterating their own racism towards Palestinians and Muslims, the actual majority in the State of Israel.
He can make an offer for a "deal" with ABC. It rejects. He proposes negotiations. If ABC refuses, he attacks. He can find
"Let it be published, that UNC Muslim Students Association (UNC MSA) is not a terrorist group, nor is it affiliated with
If conservative victory requires broad-based appeal, I'm not sure Horowitz's message resonates. He believes Rome is in fact burning, but that he is one of very few who have any clue of our predicament. That type of messaging is passionate, but its chances of success are doubtful.
Most of the rank-and-file conservatives with whom we might interact get their information from conservative media sources. Republican politicians are ensconced within it as well. Inside the walls of that closed environment, facts that do not jibe with conservative ideology or the conservative interpretation of events are twisted, turned on their head, or simply ignored.
In 1994, conservative commentator Laura Ingraham, fed up with stories about the much ballyhooed left-leaning Renaissance
Ralph Nader is right to have encouraged a debate on anti-Semitism against Arab Americans compared with the response to anti-Semitism against Jewish Americans. There is a shameful double standard and it must end.
For two years Beck has targeted the political science professor as a Marxist Machiavelli whose writings constitute a manifesto for a radical revolution. But in recent months Beck has escalated his hate even further.
We all support essentially the same principles of academic freedom, including respect for the authority of faculty over the curriculum and respect for the right of students not to be indoctrinated.