David Ige

Gov. David Ige (D) declined to veto legislation that decriminalizes up to three grams of marijuana. The law will take effect in January 2020.
Gov. David Ige signed into law three bills that strengthened LGBTQ rights in the state, including one that added gender "X" to state IDs and driver's licenses.
The Thirty Meter Telescope, set to be the largest in the world, will be built on Mauna Kea despite years of protests and a Supreme Court battle.
Residents scrambled to gather emergency supplies and food before the storm arrives.
“This bill is a small first step worldwide to really caring about our corals," Gov. David Ige (D) said.
“Hawaii is showing the Trump administration that the states will stand up for our kids, even when Washington will not.”
David Ige said he couldn’t alert citizens to a false alarm because he couldn’t remember his social media passwords.
He didn't tell the public until 15 minutes later, because his staff handles his social media, a spokeswoman said.
Both images are supposed to represent what an emergency employee saw when he triggered the false alarm.
The probe will provide a report for improving preparedness within 60 days.
"It is time for states and governors to lead,” Gov. David Ige said.
New laws make Hawaii the first state to enroll gun owners in a federal database.
America's healthiest state implements new law with fines for retailers and underage consumers.
It has the largest rate of homeless people per capita of any state in the nation.
In 2015, state legislators considered bills to legalize marijuana in 21 states, decriminalize marijuana possession in 17 states, and legalize medical marijuana in 19 states. The table was set in other ways that will lead to a healthy serving of marijuana policy reform in 2016.
The governor said that the pursuit of science on the mountain has gotten in the way of the cultural experience, and the state