David Jolly

David Jolly slammed the Florida governor’s “narrative of freedom” as “really kneecapping democracy.”
"There is nothing left of this Republican Party," David Jolly said.
Prosecutors, historians and others worry that fomenting violence to overturn an election loss will become an accepted tool.
Former Republican Rep. David Jolly also predicted why Trump at some point will “have to embrace the crisis we’re in.”
Former Republican Rep. David Jolly tore into the president for peddling falsehoods amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Former Republican Rep. David Jolly hit Trump with a Hurricane Katrina analogy.
A draft outline of John Bolton's book reportedly says Trump withheld aid to Ukraine to pressure the country into investigating Joe Biden.
"This whole Trump team is corrupt," former lawmaker David Jolly told MSNBC's Chris Matthews.
Former Republican Rep. David Jolly is is speaking out against his old party amid President Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal.
“This is a party today without conviction and they are willing to be used by Russians,” said former Florida lawmaker David Jolly.