David Koechner

He said he had no idea he wouldn't make the cut on the show.
The event has increased in size, awareness, donations and celebrity attendance, but it still remains all about family: those families impacted by childhood illness and seeking care from the incredible doctors and team at Children's Mercy.
David Koechner shares his ideas for the perfect commercials to woo men and women alike to the sexual-performance drug market
The film is the first feature to be released by Comedy Central's CC:Studios and it will be available for download on June
On the same day director Adam McKay announced there would not be a sequel to "Anchorman 2," star David Koechner visited HuffPost
In a perfect world, should this version just have been released as the only version in the first place? Yes. And, look, I
Last night's "Daily Show" appearance by the "Anchorman 2" cast had everything you could possibly ask for out of your entertainment
And both felt they had to up the ante for the second movie. Actually, Austin Powers and Ron Burgundy have quite a bit in
"SNL" for a lot of people is the echelon ... I had my ticket punched. “I get that a lot," Koechner said. "People also tell
On last night's "Saturday Night Live," we saw the return of a classic Will Ferrell recurring sketch from his days as an "SNL
”Paul Rudd Monologue” (Rudd, Ferrell, Koechner, Carell, One Direction) Honestly, I think it was just nice to see Will Ferrell
When "SNL" announced that Paul Rudd would be hosting the show to promote "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," they might
At the Sydney premiere of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," star Will Ferrell led Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and David Koechner
Kenny Gmail, eBehar, and Harold Pinterest are just a few of the less-good versions of your favorite websites suggested by
The Ron Burgundy sequel is actually happening, and this first trailer with new footage from the upcoming movie proves it