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“An officer just pointed a machine gun at me,” a HuffPost reporter said as he captured the moment on camera.
February 13 doesn't get as much attention as Lincoln's Birthday which falls the day before, or Valentine's Day, the day after, but it's a weirdly significant day for weird news lovers.
Sally Colburn lost her husband, Jack, in May, not long after their 50th anniversary. The 70-year-old Florida woman reached
I was raised nearly my entire life without knowing my father. I was brought up believing that another man, who passed away in 2003, was my father. Now, in just days, the man who killed my real father will be sentenced for taking his life.
Biondo told Newsday that a new ramp would have cost $700. "It's the holiday season, and that's not exactly pocket change
Take a look at the gallery below and I'm sure you won't say "boo." Crime writers have to look unflinchingly at the most gruesome
Now, however, his bearded visage may be at risk. A Russian man named I.V. Pugach says he owns the trademark to this facial
Mike Zohn, co-owner of Obscura and co-host of the Science Channel series "Oddities," sold the cuffs to Lohr and says earlier
Some boys dream of one day owning a race car when they grow up, or perhaps a Fender Stratocaster guitar. "When you were a
Most of the spooktacular decorations my friends and neighbors have grown to love -- the toxic waste can; the ghastly three