david mackenzie

The director of the acclaimed "Hell or High Water" explains how they made Pine's fight scene so realistic.
Nearly everything in Hell Or High Water seems to be about ways of life disappearing, primarily because of the economy, and
Sheridan and Mackenzie both said that they wanted the film to present its themes without taking sides. It has a deep compassion
American film has largely abdicated its role as a serious social commentator, especially when commenting on the people who don't own things. Every so often, a movie still comes along which tells the story of those struggling to maintain their grasp on their small piece of America.
The lithe, glum women of Spread fulfill the prurient promise of the film's title without doing much else. Ashton Kutcher, the star and producer of the soft-core, low-budget ode to his own powers of seduction, does somewhat less.
Since 1913, The Armory Show Art Fair has been the preeminent international exhibition of modern art in the United States.