david michaels

The Trump administration is currently a health threat to the workers Trump promised to save.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration plans to post the workplace injury data on its website, just like a public-health grade for a restaurant.
It's known as the silica rule, and it's a big frigging deal.
If the president is serious about restoring grace in our public spaces, surely those suffering most greatly among us must not be left behind.
"We maintain our position that the citation from OSHA should not have been issued, because it imposed standards that did
In a new report issued Wednesday, Labor Department officials argue that workplace injuries and illnesses, coupled with an
"Forty years after the creation of OSHA, thousands of workers are still becoming ill and dying from exposure to hazardous
Doubt Is Their Product, the book by Dr. David Michaels, describes in depressing detail how industries, their scientists, corporate lawyers and large PR firms have "shaped and skewed" science to create doubt about the dangers of chemicals and other toxins industries produce.
Among the inspector general's other findings: Michaels also said he disagreed with some of the basic assumptions of the report
Today, you rarely see a prosecutor bring criminal charges against a corporation for the death of a worker. Instead, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) imposes minimal civil fines on companies for worker deaths.