David Miranda

British police detained David Miranda at Heathrow Airport in August 2013 and seized material including electronic media containing 58,000 documents.
Glenn Greenwald’s partner was held in 2013 under counter-terror laws while carrying files linked to Snowden leaks
Glenn Greenwald told HuffPost Live on Wednesday that there is "no question" that he will try to return to the United States
Alyona Minkovski talks to journalist Glenn Greenwald on the High Court decision that the detention of his partner David Miranda
This judgment overwhelmingly supports the wholly proportionate action taken by the police in this case to protect national
David Miranda and I are debating whether or not to take off our shirts in the middle of a throbbing dance floor inside the
Miranda discussed his fears during the time he was detained, including what he has said were threats of arrest if he didn’t
Miranda was not charged with any offense, although British authorities said in August they had opened a criminal investigation
Resurrecting the mighty I. F. Stone into the fray with Snowden, the NSA, and Washington: First, as to the facts.
Snowden recently accepted a year's asylum in Russia, where he has been for more than one month. A Russian newspaper reported
I think it's obvious to any reasonable observer that the UK authorities detained David Miranda to intimidate journalists and whistleblowers. Does this sort of "deny and disrupt" campaign sound familiar? It should: you've seen it before, deployed against terror networks.
Ironically, a number of elite journalists have emerged as among Snowden's harshest detractors and of the brand of investigative journalism practiced, for example, by Glenn Greenwald. But this week Jeffrey Toobin appeared to be positioning himself as the leader of that particular pack.
Greenwald, who is based in Brazil and writes for Britain's Guardian, has published articles based on documents leaked by
Get your fix and chew the fat with our "Political Junkies" who discuss Obama's position on the questioning of David Miranda.
Washington has still not accepted Latin America's second independence, and expects its southern neighbors to behave in the same embarrassingly obedient way as Europe. On the positive side, Latin America has done quite well over the past decade.
Maybe events in London have made this American pastor paranoid, or maybe we have awakened to an America that is not the One Nation, Under God and Indivisible, to which we long have pledged allegiance. Perhaps ours has become a land where those who truly are brave no longer are entirely free.
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he compared the partner of Glenn Greenwald to a "drug mule."
The Committee to Protect Journalists waded into the controversy in a statement, calling the destruction of the hard drives