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Interviews by Christian Lund, Kasper Bech Dyg and Marc-Christoph Wagner. The interviews can be watched in full length at
As a rule, printed words stay on the page and music stays in the air. But every once in a while you come across a truly gifted writer who can make their sentences sing. Experience some of that magic with these eleven books that take classical music as their inspiration.
The Future Library Trust is tasked with ensuring the manuscripts remain locked up until 2114, and with selecting authors
We're all going to be eternally disappointed that we'll never read Margaret Atwood or David Mitchell's newest story. But this project is as close to a guarantee as we can get that someone, maybe our own children and grandchildren, will read a little piece of our present.
This might not always be true, and part of me hopes that it isn’t. Well, my next book will be quite short, so at least that’ll
The short story follows a young boy who takes some of his mother’s Valium and narrates the resulting drug trip. Mitchell
"It was unthinkable that you'd have to pay your own fees," Mitchell says, adding, "everyone assumed that it seemed very normal
David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas, is apparently happy with how the movie turned out. He should be. The movie -- faithful in spirit but unfaithful in many details -- does something I would have sworn was impossible: it soars like the book.
What is Cloud Atlas about? In various ways, it examines the nature of tyranny and the human instinct toward freedom. It is about the search for truth and the many obstacles that stand in the way of that search.
It's easy to mock the feelings it evokes, but that's a shallow reading of a much deeper film. Cloud Atlas is one of the best films I've seen this year and one of the most satisfying.
The bigger the budget, the cleaner the concept needs to be. Because you need to appeal not just to all four quadrants, but
For more on the feature, head over to the very cool Facebook page Warner Bros. has set up. See the "Cloud Atlas" trailer
Minimalist David Mitchell creates works of art that are almost architectural, then photographs them.
Andrea Levy's story of the end of slavery, The Long Song, has won the £25,000 Walter Scott prize for historical fiction. Read
I don't know why I began asking authors for insults. I suppose it was a combination of self-depreciating sense of humor and an aching frustration with the typical reading where the author becomes a kind of factory worker