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David Mitchell has a Halloween present for us.
As a rule, printed words stay on the page and music stays in the air. But every once in a while you come across a truly gifted writer who can make their sentences sing. Experience some of that magic with these eleven books that take classical music as their inspiration.
BRB, we'll be in our bedrooms reading until winter.
“The idea to grow trees to print books arose for me through making a connection with tree rings to chapters -- the material
We're all going to be eternally disappointed that we'll never read Margaret Atwood or David Mitchell's newest story. But this project is as close to a guarantee as we can get that someone, maybe our own children and grandchildren, will read a little piece of our present.
And then in one afterwards, it’s going to be set in the late ‘60s, and I’ve already got one or two people who will be occupying
Mitchell, who rarely uses the Twitter account, started tweeting the story on July 14. Throughout the course of six days and
So Mitchell raises a question: does the rising cost of tuition mean creative talents are being lost in the process? Today
David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas, is apparently happy with how the movie turned out. He should be. The movie -- faithful in spirit but unfaithful in many details -- does something I would have sworn was impossible: it soars like the book.