david muir

The ABC News anchor fired back at the GOP former governor after he likened Jan. 6 to previous presidential election outcomes.
"I will be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives," the Democratic nominee told ABC's David Muir.
Several members of Trump's inner circle, including members of his family, are registered in more than one place. That's OK!
The president and his administration have been twisting the research to support a lie that millions of people voted illegally.
In December of 2002, when the legendary Roone Arledge passed away, I wrote a Counterpunch piece for the L.A. Times praising the man who not only set the gold standard for Olympics coverage, but gave us Monday Night Football and Wide World of Sports.
This debate was not so much about winners and also-rans as it was about the one clear loser: Marco Rubio. If Rubio had not shown so much promise earlier in the campaign, the loss would seem less momentous.