david o. russell

Adams said director David O. Russell caused her to cry during the making of the film. Bale allegedly stuck up for her by calling Russell an “a**hole.”
"I found that I couldn’t act," Bale told IndieWire, so he had to "isolate" himself from Rock.
David O. Russell's controversial return to directing includes a star-studded trailer teasing hijinks and suspense.
The singer joins Margot Robbie, Christian Bale, Chris Rock, Anya Taylor-Joy and others in David O. Russell's untitled and top-secret new film.
"I felt humiliated and powerless. All I had wanted, as a semi-broke 20-something, was a steady job and to be treated fairly."
"I was really just devastated [...] I mean, not every day, but most."
Seems like a typical way for JLaw to express her love.
Joan Rivers gave the film's title subject some specific QVC advice.
"I think historically we're subconsciously conditioned to feel that way -- not good enough or less than."