david ortiz

Big Papi threw the pitch during a game against his former rivals, the Yankees.
The former Red Sox slugger is reportedly "recovering well and is in good spirits."
The Dominican Republic’s lead prosecutor says the target was another man, dressed similarly to the former Red Sox slugger.
Dominican Republic National Police say they detained a man accused of shooting the former Boston Red Sox player at a bar Sunday.
The Red Sox player, known as Big Papi, was ambushed by a gunman at a bar in his native Dominican Republic.
The former president tweeted on Monday to acknowledge "Big Papi" for helping the community heal after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.
Pedro Martinez, Stephen King, A-Rod and more all send their thoughts to the former Red Sox slugger.
The former Boston Red Sox slugger was hospitalized Monday following surgery for a gunshot wound after being ambushed by a man in a bar.
The former Red Sox champion discussed why he would have skipped a White House visit, backing team manager Alex Cora's decision to do the same.
Juan David Ortiz is in police custody in connection with the killings.
The Boston Globe reported that some jokes had the audience "squirming in their seats."
They're a "slap in the face" to all immigrants, Big Papi says.
All of us must eventually confront the end of our careers; for professional athletes, the end comes at a younger age, often
There is a certain swagger and confidence that comes with Jackie Bradley Jr. It was an innate trait that was forged in his hometown of Prince George, Virginia, right outside of Richmond. Despite the swag, he was overlooked coming out of high school even with his considerable talent.