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In several recent sci-fi/fantasy films, Black women and girls are at the forefront as they try to defeat otherworldly obstacles.
He tells HuffPost he's on a mission to eradicate human trafficking on the continent and around the world.
Urgent desperation hangs in the air throughout Martin McDonagh's "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" in a gnawing way that eats
"That scene was created after I came on board. I was exploring the concept of Seretse as an outsider who was an African man
See exclusive photos from the new movie starring David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike.
David Oyelowo, so brilliant in a recent theater production of Othello, playing the king against Daniel Craig's Iago, is now
Love across racial lines, especially when it involves British aristocracy, is a theme that's been close to director Amma Asante's heart.
At the much celebrated New York Theatre Workshop production of Othello, Andrew Lieberman's austere set looks like the inside
He sets his Othello in a barracks; the image of well-used mattresses laid out on something like a gymnasium floor brings
“You belong here…” Tears rolled down my cheeks during the opening scene from Disney’s Queen of Katwe as coach and missionary
Phiona Mutesi was born and raised in Katwe, a slum within the bustling city of Kampala, Uganda, that often floods with raw
The actor and activist hopes to have an "actual direct impact" on their lives.