In 1973, two years after President Nixon declared a "war on drugs," New York Governor Rockefeller passed the toughest drug laws in the nation, demanding mandatory sentences for drug law violations, while removing the judge's power to consider each case individually.
So much for the the savvy, take-charge CEO persona Jay-Z likes to present to the world. A new report suggests that he was little more than a hype man for New York's Aqueduct Entertainment Group bid.
August 13 marked a victory for survivors of commercial sex trafficking, when New York's Governor David Paterson signed a bill allowing them to clear their records of prostitution-related crimes
Now that we have politicized Park51 and the world is watching, there can be no wavering of our support of the First Amendment and, in turn, the proposed community center. Build it.
Armies of deep-pocketed lobbyists are marshaling astroturf front groups to give Coca-Cola and Pepsi's opposition to soda taxes a respectable air.
Obama was supposed to be to America's 200 year-old racial problem what gastric bypass surgery is to a weight problem: a quick fix. But as any bypass patient will tell you, what looks like a quick fix is really a painful, complicated battle.
While Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for our laws to not discriminate, our education system still helps perpetuate inequity.
Robert Gibbs made a mistake yesterday when he reaffirmed the White House's support for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, first praising her leadership (mysterious to voters) and wishing her to be re-elected.
Kill the Drill is a campaign to voice opposition to any hydraulic fracturing in the city's upstate watershed, which supplies 90 percent of New York City's drinking water.
New York State regulators trail everybody else in protecting New York City's drinking water from natural gas drilling, despite the fact that they alone have the authority to do so.
Depository Trust and Clearing Corp. is just the latest in a string of firms lured across the Hudson by state incentives. Since the '80s, major New York employers have moved tens of thousands of jobs.
In a year where every single Governor is under fire, and other governors have simply quit (Mrs. Palin?), Governor Paterson is working hard to weather the storm during this difficult economic time.
If we are to finance and build a world-class infrastructure for America, we must seek new solutions. And a promising solution is at hand: public-private partnerships.