david perdue

A new report reveals the grand jury also suggested indicting former Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, along with former national security adviser Michael Flynn.
“Go back to where she came from.” Former Sen. David Perdue, who is running for governor in Georgia, made racist attacks against Stacey Abrams.
The GOP candidate for Georgia governor said Abrams should “go back to where she came from," while campaigning ahead of Tuesday’s primary.
The first-term Georgia governor refused Trump’s demand that he help overturn his 2020 election loss, and Trump has tried to end Kemp’s career because of it.
The former vice president will headline a get-out-the-vote rally for Kemp on May 23, putting him in direct conflict with Trump-endorsed candidate David Perdue.
A Georgia gubernatorial debate between incumbent Brian Kemp and Trump-endorsed David Perdue was all about election denialism.
Democrat Stacey Abrams announced her own bid to unseat Gov. Brian Kemp (R) on Wednesday.
Ex-Sen. Kelly Loeffler, however, has not ruled out jumping into the upcoming race.
"Kamala is all of us whose names don’t roll off the tongues of white men like Tucker Carlson, David Perdue and others who use our names as punchlines."
Democrat Jon Ossoff has been elected to the U.S. Senate following a tough race against Sen. David Perdue.