david perdue

The lawmaker was on campus to endorse the Republican candidate for Georgia governor.
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ignored women, then shook a random man's hand. Sen. David Perdue hid in a bathroom.
The president went after Sen. Dick Durbin, who said Trump did indeed call Haiti and African nations "shithole" countries.
President Donald Trump has unveiled plans for a points-based immigration.
The president held an event at the White House to promote a new bill for a "merit-based" immigration system.
Sen. David Perdue Jokes About Obama's Death
Jack Kingston had to tell his jubilant supporters that they had lost the big precincts and the senate race.
Sen. David Perdue is blocking his own judicial nominee, Dax Lopez, over immigration reform.
Not only have Republicans blocked comprehensive immigration reform when it had a real chance of passing, they're now trying yet again to bring up unconstitutional bills to drive their point home.
Elections are moving targets. Nonetheless, absent dramatic irregularities in the election context, polls focused on high visibility races are usually robust predictive tools. Obviously, this was not the case in this year's midterm elections.
Below, more updates on the midterm elections: Nunn, the daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.), previously ran the Points
We've got six states in the Too Close To Call category, but fear not! After providing a rundown of the races, I am adding a section below where I make my own picks for each of them (since it is Election Eve, after all, and thus time to put up or shut up).