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When classified information gets in the hands of our enemies and rivals, bad things happen for our beleaguered intelligence forces. General Petraeus gets that it is wrong. But as Clinton blames Republicans for her woes on NBC's Meet the Press, it's clear she still just doesn't get it.
Ali Watkins contributed reporting. Petraeus was long believed to have given classified information to Paula Broadwell, a
Holder, who plans to step down from his position after his successor is confirmed by the Senate, had been expected to make
In the ensuing months, Jill Kelley has emerged as an advocate for greater Internet privacy and received an award from the
Paula Broadwell: 'I Have Remorse For The Harm That This Has Caused'
Broadwell admits the scandal surrounding the affair was "devastating," but said her "awesome family" and "wonderful community
The sex scandal involving the married four-star general and his biographer, an U.S. Army Reserve intelligence officer who
Though Paula and Jill made a mess of things in the long run, they used a couple of smart, steal-worthy strategies at the front end. They just should have quit while they were ahead.
Shelton dismissed the scandal to the Post, blaming it on Petraeus' "Achilles' heel." Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus admitted
I'm not concerned about the future of infidelity. It's in great shape and will thrive as long as there is marriage, because it's as old and venerable and inexorable an institution as the wedlock on which it depends. What does concern me -- what is in jeopardy -- is privacy.