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Of course, as Trump's poll numbers crater and new sexual assault allegations emerge, he may yet end his state of quantum superposition and quit the race in a fit of sour grapes.
"I mean, he meets the clinical definition,” he said.
His prediction requires her to win in states where there isn't much polling data yet.
Democrats should not underestimate Donald Trump, David Plouffe warned Tuesday night.
I returned home to Los Angeles exactly six years ago this month to prepare for a February exploratory trip to Washington, DC, New York and then a week in New Hampshire to "test the waters" for a possible run.
I returned from Seattle not that long ago where there was a great deal of buzz over an impending vote at the city council. Legislation had been introduced that would allow Uber and other ridesharing drivers a quasi-right to form a union, if they so chose.
If Plouffe's move is a canary in a generational cage, it could be that the Millennials will be far harder for our conventional business and political structures to handle than anyone has fully realized.
Now that they’re not working at the White House, some of the biggest names from the Obama campaigns — Plouffe, Messina, Gibbs
"We must stand up for our free market principles, entrepreneurial spirit and economic freedom," the petition read. Earlier
Maybe embracing the future is an occupational hazard of working for a Silicon Valley high-tech enterprise. Or maybe it's inherent in our times -- times when the pace of change and stunning innovation seems to accelerate hourly.
On Tuesday, Plouffe talked up the former first lady's chances at becoming the first female U.S. president in 2016, during
A top Democratic strategist and former senior adviser to President Barack Obama thinks that any Democrat weighing a primary
President Obama can do something memorable in his January 28, 2014 State of the Union speech: issue an Executive Order ending the deportation of law-abiding undocumented immigrants. The time for action is now.
"Here's the one thing I can say for certain," Obama said. "That, if they had asked me, I would have said there is no way
I think that one of the problems is that our traditional image of leaders is extremely narrow, confined to those relatively few "above" us rather than encompassing many of those around us as well.
Plouffe's "grand theft auto" ad hominem refers to larceny charges the congressman faced in 1972 for allegedly stealing a