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President Barack Obama said Monday that there's "no excuse" for the technical problems that have plagued the rollout of the Obamacare health insurance website, and promised all Americans would have access to health coverage under his law.
Karmel Allison, who was standing behind President Barack Obama Monday during a speech in the Rose Garden, almost fainted during the president's remarks.
Pogue isn't just a columnist, he's an industry. He's a regular on shows like "CBS Sunday Morning," writes tech manuals, hosts
Brisbane also noted, however, that Pogue is a freelancer, so he's only held to those standards when working for the Times
The Hartford Courant reported on Friday that the Pogues are going through a divorce, and got into an argument about custody
David Pogue, the New York Times' star technology writer, and his wife Jenifer were arrested on Monday at their home in Westport
I'm worried that my son will be exposed to more on the Internet than he needs to see, and I'm worried that technology will prevent him from fully experiencing life in the three dimensional world.
If a radio show taping doesn't sound intriguing, you've never listened to Radiolab. What surprised me most was how scripted and thought-out the hosts' material was, yet they still coming across on the air as spontaneous and natural.
As the intersection between media and politics has become clearer, so too has the blending of technology and culture. And Pogue's at the forefront of this movement.
Instead of thinking about the latest version of the game-changing smartphone, I'm mourning the end of the era of the unlimited data plan.