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Schwimmer said thinking of his late "Friends" co-star made him “smile and grieve at the same time.”
James Burrows said this "Friends" actor left David Schwimmer with "no one to bounce off."
Did you know that 9/11 forced a scene to be cut out of ‘Friends’? Or that Bruce Willis appeared on the show because of a lost bet? Check out these and some other secrets from the big show.
The actor said she's ready to "share myself with another [person],” but admits that “no one of importance has hit my radar yet.”
The "Morning Show" star learned of their supposed romance with a blast from the past.
The one where Ross and Rachel aren't really together in real life.
Mike Morris accused the Ross Geller actor of being "jealous" of the laughs the capuchin monkey would get.
"We’re only human, and we tend to walk around with bull’s-eyes on our heads," Aniston told People of living life in the public eye.
Ben Winston was "so upset" when he realized his plan for the cast's first meeting was under threat.