david slater

“This is an issue for Congress and the president. If they think animals should have the right of copyright they're free ... under the Constitution to do that."
PETA recently filed a lawsuit that is egregiously antithetical to the cause of animals rights; it is a case that so tragically captures the rot that is at the very heart of PETA's corrupted mission that I cannot let this opportunity to highlight their hypocrisy go unchallenged.
In the recent dispute over whether a selfie can belong to a monkey, the monkey lost. The U.S. Copyright Office decided that the selfies a group of Indonesian macaques snapped belong to no one. Food for thought, but what seems to have been lost in this episode is another, larger issue -- how intelligent these and other creatures are.
Wikipedia has been up to some monkey business and now they’ve found themselves in the middle of a legal battle with photographer David Slater.
The macaque monkey took the photos herself, without the assistance of human hand / Courtesy Caters News service in solidarity
Slater said the photoshoot that resulted in these pictures took place after he set up a camera on a tripod. He left the equipment