David Smith

We’ve all been taught that people enter our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. The gifts you’ve given us are immeasurable
There's been some whispering lately about an inevitable leveling off of the art market, and it seems that day has come.
See more photos provided to The Huffington Post below: "Julian Assange is a warrior for justice and human rights. On Easter
Smith said in a statement he'd been working with SUNY system leadership to "conduct a review of all of sources of my compensation
An irony about the conservative Illinois Family Institute's promotion of family values is that virtually none of the group's
Why? Because the 9-foot metal sculpture features full frontal nudity, displaying the creature in all his anatomically correct
But over the past three years, Smith has regained over 300 of those pounds. In an exclusive interview with "Today" in the
So I get to the Whitney on 1/11/2011, armed with all my information and memories just in time to see David Smith's crated
It's unclear why Smith chose to alert authorities of his behavior at this time, but court documents suggest he has a history
Sculpture-wise, one of the highlights includes "Cubi XXI" (1964) lent from the Lipman family (one of the most crucial and