David Whitley

David Whitley drew widespread criticism after he claimed nearly 100,000 noncitizens were on the voter rolls. It turned out many of those people were eligible to vote.
The committee wants to know more about a controversial effort to review the voter rolls in Texas and a decision to move a polling place in Kansas.
The state is investigating a list of suspected noncitizens on the voter rolls, but the list appears to be based on inaccurate data.
Whoever is fault, three federal lawsuits hope to stop it.
David Whitley sidestepped questions about why his office sent out a press release on supposed noncitizen voters without having done a thorough investigation.
GOP efforts to codify the disastrous investigation would also likely spur lawsuits.
Citizens fear they've been wrongly flagged, while legal groups and Democratic legislators work to get it halted.