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While Christie himself has not been implicated and has said he had no knowledge of the plan, the specter continues to haunt
Bill Baroni, Bridget Anne Kelly and David Wildstein waited for the first day of school. Read more on The New York Times
Christie, who has yet to decide whether he will seek the White House, was seen a few months ago as one of the top Republican
Zegas said, "evidence exists to establish" that Christie knew of the lane closures while they were occurring. "The moment
(Reporting by Emily Stephenson in Washington and Hilary Russ in New York; Editing by Peter Cooney) Christie's office did
Christie said he didn't think the controversy would have much of an effect on his prospects should he decide to run for president
As in all defense documents, the report turned up no evidence of any kind suggesting the slightest wrongdoing on the Governor's part, or even his indifference or negligence in allowing this brouhaha to develop without his being aware of it.
According to the review, Kelly had grown dependent on Bill Stepien, her predecessor as Christie's deputy chief of staff. The
Even if federal and state legislative investigators are unable to prove that Christie gave the order for the bridge closures, or had advanced knowledge, he has no chance of becoming the Republican Party's nominee for president in 2016.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's million dollar internal investigation of Bridgegate has determined that the governor did not know what was going on and did not authorize the lane closures. But the report raises more questions than answers.
These two investigations exist on parallel, yet vastly different planes. While both are seeking information on the same issues, the outcomes both desire are different.
Five Christie allies have been fired in relation to the Bridgegate scandal, including the governor's top Port Authority appointees
Can we escape the past? No. And why should we? For one, we've spent far more time in the past than we do in the present. The present, at best, lasts the blink of an eye...if you blink really, really quickly.
For the full story, watch the video on MSNBC here. On the day of the traffic jam, Kornacki explains, Michaels was on site
Later in the "Ask the Governor" session, Christie said he doesn't know "whether there was a traffic study," despite three
A key Christie lieutenant has reportedly revealed Team Christie's one-pronged plan to restore the guv's presidential viability: The rush-release of a documentary titled, simply, Chris!!
The scandal has gotten too much press time, and Christie has gone too far out on a limb saying he's innocent to politically survive being proven false.