David Young

But what seems like a GOP victory may ultimately be their downfall.
GOP leaders are choosing to stay ignorant of the effects of their legislation ― and Republican members are letting it happen.
Trump doesn't know the impact of his own bill. The center cannot hold.
"Republicans are keeping their promise," the ads said.
When it comes to climate change and clean energy, it looks like future generations are stepping up to protect future generations.
Young formerly served as Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley's (Iowa) chief of staff. Appel has served as Assistant Majority Leader
Economy: Do you support the Dodd-Frank Act, which established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and sought to increase
WASHINGTON -- A competitive open-seat race for Iowa's third congressional district has become an unlikely center of the gun
Owa House race negative ads about gun safety/control.
"David Young would be tough on terrorists," the ad says. "Staci Appel is dangerously wrong for Iowa." Revoking passports
From some perspectives, that sharing the word of Jesus is an act of bestowing a great gift on the "unbeliever," while for others, rather than experiencing this as a gift, some of us perceive this as an imposition, an annoyance, an insensitivity, a provocation, or worse, a form of oppression.
Young's campaign website describes him as a man with the "knowledge, experience, and quick wit" to stand as a "formidable
Richard Strickland, Ph.D. petroleum engineer and president of the Strickland Group in Fort Worth, said Wednesday that tests
Everybody from the city's mayor, Gavin Newsom, to attendees like finance queen Suze Orman, actors Jason Lewis, Robert Gant, Wilson Cruz and others, delivered spirited commentaries.
For the past month, striking screenwriters have placed their faith in veteran union organizer David Young, who cut his teeth
Throughout the strike, there regularly were news stories about dissension in the Writers Guild. Writers dissent for breakfast. Finding dissent in the WGA is like finding sand at the beach.