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The actors spoke candidly about how their intense relationship set the stage for Shepard’s relationship with Kristen Bell, whom he began dating shortly after.
The "Good Place" star shared how she and Dax Shepard keep their daughters from going overboard.
“I find when you are living with gratitude each moment, the dates become irrelevant,” the “Frozen 2” actor wrote on Instagram.
The celebrity couple opened up about raising kids in the age of wine memes and "mommy juice."
The couple rose to the occasion when confronted by a fake story about Shepard's "addiction issues."
"I don't think Jay was that interested," the "Good Place" actress said.
The Oscar winner is speaking out about why he stayed quiet after facing sexual harassment accusations.
“The Good Place” star says she loves her kiddos — even “if they can’t do math.”
The actress and husband Dax Shepard truly outdid themselves for a Season 8 premiere party.
Shepard admits he didn’t believe in marriage and Bell accepted the idea that she might never be his wife.
Hello Bello offers products like sloth-print diapers (naturally).
In a candid interview, Shepard sang Bell's virtues -- but said he was initially unsure he "wanted to be with someone like that.”
The "Good Place" star stunned in a blush gown alongside husband Dax Shepard.
The cute picture comes days after the actor shot down claims he cheated on Bell.
“My particular passion was Klonopin," the actress said during a talk with Dax Shepard.