day care

The Bronx day care's operator and her tenant are facing federal drug charges as well as state charges of murder and child endangerment.
A Washington worker is suing Bright Horizons over the poaching fee in its contracts, saying the agreement is meant to keep wages down.
One video depicts a worker wearing a “Scream” mask and shouting “clean up” while chasing a child around a classroom.
Awareness months and platitudes about self-care only go so far. We also need these changes to make a difference.
There’s a desperately needed $39 billion bailout for child care providers in the bill, a sign that lawmakers finally understand the importance caregiving.
"Of course I want to keep your children safe, but all the extra precautions can really do right now is give an illusion of safety."
From "de-densification" to social distancing contracts, big changes are here — and they could last for a while.
You'll need a clear picture of the specific safety measures your child’s day care is taking to help keep everyone healthy.
As coronavirus lockdowns ease up, parents must choose between child care and work. Policymakers don't get it.
A fire at a home operating as a day care center in Erie, Pennsylvania, left five children dead and the owner hospitalized.