day of rage

The attacks occurred on a "Day of Rage" declared by Palestinian groups.
"Egypt fighting terrorism," said a new logo plastered on state television, reflecting tougher language in the local media
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which called for a "day of rage" on Friday after government forces killed hundreds of
Disturbing footage emerged Friday that appeared to show an Egyptian protester, standing unarmed with his hands in the air
At least 50 people are already believed to be killed in the ongoing fighting, the second major day of clashes between supporters
Ahmed and HuffPost Middle East Correspondent Josh Hersh discuss the media coverage (or lack there of) surrounding Egypt's violent clashes.
Heavy gunfire rang out in the heart of Cairo as tens of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets Friday across Egypt in defiance of a military-imposed state of emergency following the country's bloodshed earlier this week.
Sarah Carr, a journalist who is on the ground in Cairo, described the scene in a series of tweets. In photos and videos shared
Protesters had hoped to take command of Wall Street on September 17, but the New York Police Department quickly showed them who was in charge, by barricading all entrances to the heart of America's financial institutions.