day of the dead

A shaving cream fight in Scotland, a ski competition in Austria and protests in Chile are featured in some of this week's most memorable images.
Mexican authorities are attempting to avert another wave of coronavirus infections.
"Remember me, though I have to travel far, remember me."
“It is a day where death is lived with joy," says photographer Diego Huerta.
“The parade could be a distraction, a way of escaping,” one parade-goer said.
This will make perfect sense to anyone familiar with the Day of the Dead.
Many consider Romero the forefather of the modern zombie film.
Mexicans received the silver screen-style celebration with mixed reviews.
"Mama," I say her name at night as I check the candle in front of her framed picture. A few summers ago, I went to see a
Learn: Mexican Folk Art After a late night, we were glad to spend the day recovering at El Dorado Maroma, the boutique branch
With the Oscars 2016 around the corner and the promise of more diversity by the year 2020 including women behind and in front of the camera, a change that was long overdue and finally is being challenged, there is still a need of more conversation about it.
For those of you (like me!) bracing for the snow -- stay safe and warm! What do we call a trip that speaks to the desire
MEXICO CITY -- Mexico is ranked #148 on the Reporters Without Borders world press freedom index. Fifty-five journalists have been murdered in Mexico during the last five years, about one-third of the some 150 who lost their lives in that time throughout the Americas, making Mexico the most dangerous place on the continent for professionals of the word.