days of awe

The call exposed a fissure within the American Jewish community on how to approach relations with the White House.
These special days are designated as days of repentance and atonement, promoting serious introspection and reconciliation. It is customary to consider people who we may have hurt, injured, or mistreated in some way and seek their forgiveness bringing harmony into both lives.
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Other protesters asked the Jewish believers to use money instead of chickens during the ritual -- which is a common alternative
Imagine a time in the past year that you acted unskillfully. Allow yourself to feel that weight of responsibility. Think to yourself, "if I in any way was a cause of suffering, whether consciously or unconsciously, I ask for forgiveness."
Hanukkah presented another generational divide. More than three times as many younger Jews called the Festival of Lights
Today, because it is impossible to do it in a kosher way, we must perform the ritual with money. Rabbinic sources including the Chayei Adam and Mishna Berurah are clear that when the ritual cannot be performed in a kosher way it is preferable to use money.
Pink's song is not exactly the style of music we think about for the Season of Awe. However, its message is very much in sync with what these days are about and the meaning of the words that we pray.
How do you explain the High Holidays to kids without scaring the living daylights out of them? Just the images alone send me into black hibernation. No light, no consciousness. Let God add and erase names in the Book of Life without my awareness.