D.B. Cooper

The hijacker took $200,000 in cash, jumped out of a passenger jet and vanished.
People go missing every day and it's a tragedy, especially to their loved ones. Some missing persons cases are so mysterious
LD Cooper died in 1999. The hijacker bought his ticket under the alias "Dan Cooper," but news reports misidentified his name
CNN left several unreturned calls to Mucklow's residence. The New York Daily News explains that Mucklow acted as a go-between
Over the years, alleged kin have popped up across the country, among them a widow in Florida and a long-lost brother in Minnesota
Iowa has a population of around 3 million, with 2 million eligible voters. Obama got 91, 000 votes, Huckabee got 38,700. Do the math. Never have so few done so much for so fewer.