D.C. Circuit

They're ready to fill a seat on the nation's second-most powerful court with a 37-year-old man rated "not qualified" to be a judge.
Neomi Rao, up for a lifetime federal court seat, also has a record of weakening protections for sexual assault survivors.
D.C. Circuit nominee Neomi Rao wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, a week after her confirmation hearing.
Neomi Rao has been nominated to replace Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Some observers immediately suggested that the stay vote portends the Plan's eventual defeat if it returns to the Supreme Court on the merits. That conclusion is unwarranted, in my view.
Just days after the federal court of appeals in Washington rejected their bid to block President Obama's Clean Power Plan, the coal industry and its political allies are pleading for immediate relief from the U.S. Supreme Court.
A divided federal appeals court all but extinguished relief for civil rights violations in the national security context.
Supreme Court victor wanted $2 million to cover its costs in trying to destroy the law.
The Democrats needed to act, and they did. The threshold for ending debate is now a simple majority and not a super-majority. It was an astonishing and historic moment.
Right after passing the Senate rules change, Democrats immediately put it into effect. They voted 55 to 43 to advance D.C