D.C. Circuit

Neomi Rao, up for a lifetime federal court seat, also has a record of weakening protections for sexual assault survivors.
D.C. Circuit nominee Neomi Rao wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, a week after her confirmation hearing.
Neomi Rao has been nominated to replace Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Some observers immediately suggested that the stay vote portends the Plan's eventual defeat if it returns to the Supreme Court on the merits. That conclusion is unwarranted, in my view.
Just days after the federal court of appeals in Washington rejected their bid to block President Obama's Clean Power Plan, the coal industry and its political allies are pleading for immediate relief from the U.S. Supreme Court.
A divided federal appeals court all but extinguished relief for civil rights violations in the national security context.
Supreme Court victor wanted $2 million to cover its costs in trying to destroy the law.
The Democrats needed to act, and they did. The threshold for ending debate is now a simple majority and not a super-majority. It was an astonishing and historic moment.
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama on Thursday endorsed the move by Democrats to revamp Senate filibuster rules to make
Our federal government was designed as a republic. Within this system, and over time, elections were to have consequences and enlightened public opinion was to govern. Extra-constitutional appendages like the filibuster, abused by minority parties, have moved us away from that vision. Instead, our government is in perpetual gridlock, and the American people have lost faith in their government to even function properly. Even after this rules change, one of our parties must still win the House, the Senate, and the presidency before radically changing our country. That's no small feat. It will often require victories over the course of several elections. That's probably as it should be. Change ought to be possible, but only when one of our parties really earns it. The filibuster gave a small minority in the Senate outsized power to stifle the will of the people.
WASHINGTON -- A dozen state attorneys general are urging the Senate to reject an effort by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to
We believe no court, and certainly not the crucial D.C. Circuit, should be forced to do its job with 27 percent of its seats empty. Nominating qualified men and women for vacant judgeships isn't some kind of illegitimate act, or underhanded power grab.
A request for comment from a Grassley spokeswoman was not returned. There was an awkward exchange as Grassley, the ranking
Grassley, the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, re-upped that argument during Wednesday's hearing. He cited
The claim from the right is that President Obama is attempting to use these appointments to advance his policy agenda. This gets it exactly backwards. It is conservatives who have, successfully, used appointments to the D.C. Circuit to advance their policy agenda in recent years.
Beyond scuffles over the D.C. Circuit, some Republicans are warning Democrats against changing Senate filibuster rules if
The president has thrown down the executive gauntlet to the Senate for preventing too many of his judicial nominees from getting an up or down vote. (Insert yawn here). The news was not President Obama's announced frustration, but how patient he was in manifesting it.
Top GOP lawmakers are accusing President Obama of 'court packing' and allege that his push to confirm nominees is all politics.