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They saw it on TV, so it must be true.
So you want to be an interior home stager? You LOVE watching Joanna Gains stage her fixer uppers, you buy every design magazine and sit for hours flipping through the pages, and you follow The Real Houses Of IG and every other amazing design feed on Instagram. Home staging is such a hot industry these days.
1) Run for the Board - Not From It! I know, this sounds like a horrifying suggestion - a volunteer job with no perks. But
Many people don't realize how communal condo living can be, particularly when it comes to finances. They think you just magically pay your condo fee, and everything is taken care of for you... but boy, are they wrong.
What matters is what the house is worth to a buyer. Not what the houses around it indicate its worth. Not what the seller
Since the time of that interview, I've attended a few different industry meetings where this topic has been discussed. I
Recently, I met with a successful investor, landlord, real estate agent, and licensed property manager who oversees properties across Washington D.C. and Virginia, and is a Cozy customer.
I'm an agent who is all about getting clients a good deal; I love when people pay below list price. I even tell them this in our first meeting. But sadly, that strategy isn't going to work this spring.
It was the real estate market, coming to a screeching halt. Sigh. A few weeks ago something changed. I knew it was coming several months ago because all the signs were there.
You might be wondering why this well-employed adult doesn't just move out, to his modest-seeming "ideal situation": a one
Who could object to that little face? Emmy's appearance is indisputably adorable, but has also raised two discrete sets of
Here are the listings, in reverse order (that's from tenth through first place; you can read the whole methodology here, along
Update, March 14, 5:45 p.m.: Something funky happened with our original Reston, Va., listing, so we've swapped it out for
Everyone and their mother are chasing investment properties in D.C. because they finally got the memo from 2010 that D.C. rentals are a great investment. Let me be blunt: Unless you already purchased property when prices were lower, that ship has sailed.
In many parts of the country, there's a rumor floating around that something called "spring" will come, bringing relief from
Or a literal bed of flowers. Taking breaks only to play with cute dogs. Traditional Patio by Langley Home Builders Clay Construction
When I was out showing houses on New Year's Day to my long-suffering clients who were outbid close to 10 times, I braced myself for a busy spring. So, uh, where is spring?
Are you sick and tired of the cold, the dark, the snow? Yeah, us, too. Maybe we'll all feel a little better (or possibly
They say your home is your castle, and here, that's literally true. We've scoured the land from coast to coast and found