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They saw it on TV, so it must be true.
So you want to be an interior home stager? You LOVE watching Joanna Gains stage her fixer uppers, you buy every design magazine and sit for hours flipping through the pages, and you follow The Real Houses Of IG and every other amazing design feed on Instagram. Home staging is such a hot industry these days.
1) Run for the Board - Not From It! I know, this sounds like a horrifying suggestion - a volunteer job with no perks. But
Many people don't realize how communal condo living can be, particularly when it comes to finances. They think you just magically pay your condo fee, and everything is taken care of for you... but boy, are they wrong.
So back to the house my clients were considering. The listing agent said they didn't believe the right price was the list
Melissa has been in the Real Estate Industry for 14 years and is a Realtor® with City Chic Real Estate in Washington, D.C
Recently, I met with a successful investor, landlord, real estate agent, and licensed property manager who oversees properties across Washington D.C. and Virginia, and is a Cozy customer.
I'm an agent who is all about getting clients a good deal; I love when people pay below list price. I even tell them this in our first meeting. But sadly, that strategy isn't going to work this spring.
It was the real estate market, coming to a screeching halt. Sigh. A few weeks ago something changed. I knew it was coming several months ago because all the signs were there.